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Earning money Our first goal is to help you make your investment back ASAP. The month that you enroll plus the next 2 months is called your Smart Start! This is a perfect time in your business for you to earn some incredible bonuses! Be sure you watch this video!


Managing Market Partner (MMP) is the very first promotion in our compensation plan. Here is the good news.... its super simple! We often say this is the most important rank because our entire business centers around hitting this rank and helping others to do the same. Ranking to MMP is essential to getting your business rolling. Download this PDF to track your progress and start taking these practical steps to get you to MMP as fast as possible!


Compensation plan is the complete plan to award individuals for their efforts.

Monats compensation plan is one of the absolute best. Be sure to compare & contrast with other network marketing companies so you know how well you're being paid and that you made the right decision partnering with this company. We have a gift and it's up to YOU to earn those paychecks.


Product training As you get started, it’s important that you start learning the products and how to recommend them. So much of your confidence in this business will increase as you do! You do NOT need to know everything before you start, though. Lean on your leader to get you started with recommendations and use this resource to help you learn as you go!

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